May 15th 2018

Last saturday, may 5th, Kon-Fusion had the opportunity to play at Quai des Brumes for the first time, invited by the acoustic reggae/ska band Grre en Famille. It was an excellent night from the beginning till the end, as much on our side, as on the main band’s side.

Our band played the set that we have been presenting since last march; Dancing, native and distorted. We were still sharing our message and musical vision at the same time that we met this new band, now friends, and another scene, this time, a little more Quebecois. Trying to continue that way for this new step in the story of Kon-Fusion.

The crowd, where we recognized lots of homie faces, responded with energy to our show, dancing and jumping when the time came and even when not!

From Grre en Famille’s side, it was a question of meeting again with their audience, giving what they do in the best way. At that time of the night, the bar was full and the vibe was at its maximum. From the crowd we could feel why so many people follow and love them.

Finally, we discovered that we have more things in common with Grre en Famille, more than a superficial eye or ear could feel, mostly on a level of ”musical daring”. Thanks for the invitation and we hope to meet again on the path. Special mentions and thanks to the sound and photographs Peter Graham and Dark Rain Pictures! Thanks again for those who once again joined us in a Kon-Fusion night! Next meeting? June 3rd at L’Escalier!

Click on the image below to see the pictures.

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